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From our Tarrazu Treat and Columbian Walnut flavors to our floral honeysuckle and caramel aromas, every blend embodies a unique harmony that compliments a number of foods and any occasion.

Custom created from the base to accompanying flavors that are perfected in a custom roasting chamber, each bag and blend is exceptional!



I'm sharing time-saving tricks that bring some of Ms. Marie's Coffee Blend's favorite pastry dishes including our signature Zioso Roll and fraps to your home. The dishes in this book are creative, but they do not require exotic ingredients that are hard to find.
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Vintage Blends

Ciocolata Cherry

Bold cocoa and nutmeg and cherry flavors to accompany any chocolate favorite.

Roast Type: Dark 

Grind: Standard Drip
Bag Size: 12 oz


Tarrazu Treat

A flavorful Costa Rican base with a hint of sweetness and Java Estate. Great with morning breakfast.

Roast Type: Medium

Grind: Standard Drip
Bag Size: 12 oz


Signature Dishes Included In Our Comfort Pastry's Recipe Book:

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